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electronic design by Top Hex  
Why Top Hex

Whether you are developing a new product or looking to update an existing design, we will work you with you to produce an electronic solution for your application.
Top Hex designs and manufacture electronic solutions for clients across a wide range of industries. Our engineers will work you with to gain a detailed understanding of your requirements and provide you with solution which exactly meets your needs.

● If you are looking to enhance the appearance of your product by improving the user interface.
We are able to offer a wide range of display options from a simple numeric display to a full colour touchscreen or graphic display.

● If you are looking to interface your product by adding communications.
Many of our designs include an Ethernet port however many other options are available from serial communications to the vary latest technology.

● If you are working to a budget and looking to reduce the cost of your current solution.
Not only do we 'design for manufacture', we have great experience of cost engineering.

● If you are trying to reduce the number of electrical parts in your control panel.
If your design includes temperature controllers, relays, timers, contactors, power supplies, fuses etc. ,we can reduce assembly time, lower costs and also improve the reliability of the design.

● If your existing solution consists of branded components from electronic manufacturers.
A product with your name and logo on the front has a professional and "mass-produced" appeal to the market.

● If you are in a hurry and under time pressure.
Our experience of electronic design and library of standard elements allows us to produce designs in weeks rather than months. It is our commitment to take you from design to prototype and prototype to production as expediently as possible.

● You are looking for compliance with UL, EMC or other standards.
The many different markets in which we operate has given us extensive knowledge and experience of working with standards.

Whether you have a requirement for ten or ten thousand units, contact us to discuss your requirements.