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Electronic Controllers  

Custom-Designed Electronic Controllers

The number and type of inputs, outputs, analogues can all be chosen to exactly match the applications.

Physical dimensions, power supply voltage and connectors can all be specified to suit.

A custom-designed solution is more cost-effective than a PLCs or individual components, even for small volumes.

Our electronic controllers are used in the following applications:

Process Control  

Process Control

Display options include numeric, text and full graphic displays.
...membrane keypads and touchscreens are available.

Communication with factory wide systems
...Ethernet, fieldbus,  RS232 and RS485 options available

Remote i/o available minimise machine wiring

Packaging Controllers

High performance controllers for the toughest of applications

Data capture and logging
...process and performance data can be logged to memory for analysis - a requirement for medical equipment.

Temperature Control  

Temperature Control

Any process input can be accommodated
...including thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, 4-20mA

Multiple Loops
...from 1 to 1000

Self-tuning algorithm
...our controller automatically adapts to optimise the temperature. No need to set up complicated PID loops.

Consumer Products  
Consumer Products

Design and manufacture of electronic products for high-volume consumer applications.

Mains and battery power supply options

Your Design

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You can contact us via this website, by email or on the phone (01480 456200) to discuss an application which could benefit from a Top Hex electronic controller.
Our team will always be happy to help you.

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