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added: 23rd January 2012

Frank is Back in Town!

Frank, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is back by popular demand. He appeared on our website back in March last year and since then, we have had numerous requests for an update. So here is Frank’s latest news.

Frank has grown quite considerably since his visit to our offices. He is now nearly two and weighs 25Kg, about the same as a heavy suitcase.

Frank’s favourite food is beef (and the postman). He also loves his DVD’s, however he has not quite mastered how to watch them yet - he prefers licking them.

Frank’s favourite time of the day is seven in the morning when he enjoys taking Hannah for ‘walkies’. If he ever brings Hannah into the office again, we will be waiting with our camera at the ready. 

Keep checking back for our next update on Frank to find out what other mischief he has been causing around Cambridgeshire.


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