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AAHP Energy-Efficient Controller

added: 13th February 2012

Top Hex Energy Efficient Controller Featured in H & V News

Top Hex have developed a ground-breaking duct heater controller for All Around Heating Products Ltd. This new product has caught the eye of the editor of H&V News who decided to run an article on the product.

The electronic controller uses a self-tuning algorithm which optimises the control in order to minimise the amount of electricity used. On comparative test, the Top Hex controller used over 20% less energy than a competitors products. On relatively small heater of say 3.0kW, this could amount to savings of hundreds of pounds per year! 

Top Hex engineers invested a great deal of time analysing how the envirnoment of a duct heater and analysing how conventional controllers (usually PID) fail to offer the maximum efficiency. Overshoot and undershoot are often highlighted as being major inadequacies of traditional PID control, however it was the inability to react to changing process conditions that was the greatest failing. Gary Weston explains,

"Although a traditional duct heater may perform well when installed, a change in the process conditions may render it inefficient. For example, a change in ambient temperature between autumn or winter or even the sun shining through a window all have an effect. The Top Hex controller continually adapts to the environment offering the best possible efficiency".

But it is not only the electronic controller which is innovative. All Around Heating Products are selling their duct heaters online at and are able to deliver standard heaters from stock.

There are many applications where a self-tuning or adaptive controller can offer advantages over conventional PID control. For more information call 01480 456200 and speak to a Top Hex engineer.


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