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Top Hex Designs for EMC

One of the greatest challenges with EMC is that you do not know whether your product will pass or fail until it has been tested. If it fails, what do you do then? Make a few changes? Start again?

Top Hex has a vast experience of designing controllers for EMC and we have a proven track record of our products passing EMC tests without any fuss. If there was a problem, we will work with our colleagues at TS to investigate the cause and recommend any remedial action that will help your product to pass the tests.

Designing for EMC is a skill. Although there are a number of basic rules we can follow, our success in this area is largely down to our experience. We are continually updating our knowledge and feeding this back into the design process.

If you have a new project in mind and would like to talk about the EMC implications, please call Top Hex on 01480 456200 and speak to one of our engineers.


You can contact us via this website, by email or on the phone (01480 456200) to discuss an application which could benefit from a Top Hex electronic controller.
Our team will always be happy to help you.

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