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Industrial Automation Feature - Remote I/O 

Top Hex was approached by a leading industrial machinery manufacturer to supply a range of remote i/o modules. The client was designing a large machine with hundreds of inputs and outputs, and wanted to distribute the i/o around the machine, rather than wiring everything back to a central point. The idea of using one of the numerous fieldbuses had been discussed, but these were deemed too expensive and far too complicated! Their service engineers, although experienced and well qualified, did not carry laptops and would not be able to devote the time to training on a new system.

Top Hex went back to first principles and designed a range of i/o modules operating on an RS-485 bus, using the Modbus protocol. If you are looking for a solution with a clever name, a trendy logo and using the very latest technology, this is not it. If, like most engineers, you want well-proven technology, universal compatibility and something that is ultra-reliable; we have an excellent solution.

Wiring is easy. Simply daisy chain a two wire comms cable between the modules. Configuring the modules is even easier, turn the dial to the required address – no laptop, no expensive hand-held programmer, no worries. Top Hex i/o modules have been installed in a range of manufacturing industries, including aerospace and automotive. The range is expanding progressively; modules are available for temperature input (RTD, thermistor, or thermocouple). There are also digital input modules, and both relay and solid-state output modules. So far the modules have been mainly used with a Top Hex Master controller, but they are compatible with any 485/Modbus system.

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