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Remote Diagnostics

- Help, What's Happening?

Do you find that your customers always seem to be geographically a long way from you? If you identified a potential customer on your doorstop, would they immediately assume you were hopeless simply because you happened to be on an adjacent industrial estate?

In an ideal world, it wouldn't matter where you sent your machine or system, the equipment would always function correctly and your clients would never need any technical assistance. Unfortunately, engineering rules dictate that your previously unbreakable, ultra-reliable product will experience all sorts of strange problems the further it is away from you!

If you have ever tried to provide support to somebody with whom you do not share a common language, is in a different time zone, or simply doesn't like you very much, please read on...

Top Hex can help.

What's Happening Now? (Status Screens)

A screen showing the status of inputs and outputs could be added, providing a lifeline when you are desperate to diagnose a problem. If you controller has a text display, you can go for something simply like this...

If you have a PC or touchscreen, you can opt for something far more exciting.

Help, What's Really Happening Now? (Remote Diagnostics)

Wouldn't it be nice to see exactly what your system and indeed your customer was doing; well you can! There are various ways to log into a remote control system, Top Hex have found a modem dial-in to be the most reliable. Don't worry if there is no telephone line nearby, modems are also available in a GSM (mobile phone) format.

Help, What Happened? (Logging)

Calling your customer a liar is not good for business; however life would be much easier if you had a polygraph attached to your telephone. The inclusion of a fault history or event log can tell you categorically whether your machine has stopped repeatedly, or only once during the nightshift (according to some chap who nobody can get hold of). There are many ways of doing this; you may wish to simply count the number of times a particular alarm (such as machine over-temperature or emergency stop) has occurred, or you may wish to store the time and date of each occurrence of the alarm. Either way your controller can act as your eyes and ears.

Although there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, Top Hex has experience of many different control systems. Speak with one of our engineers to discuss the options that will help you find out what's happening.


You can contact us via this website, by email or on the phone (01480 456200) to discuss an application which could benefit from a Top Hex electronic controller.
Our team will always be happy to help you.

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