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Old MacDonald Had a Farm

...and on that farm he had a Walton Eclipse

Looking for a needle in a haystack is apparently a bit of a challenge. Stacking bales of hay isn't much easier, unless you are using a Walton Eclipse.

Next time you are driving through the countryside, look for a free-standing stack of hay bales. If the stack is beautifully symmetrical and could stand up to a force 12 hurricane, it was probably built by a Walton Eclipse.

Top Hex was approached by John Walton for a control system for this highly innovative and complex piece of machinery. Unlike other stacking systems, the Eclipse rotates the bales before turning them onto the stack. To the uninitiated this may not sound exciting, but it gets farmers happy as a pig in muck. Designing agricultural control systems is a bit of a swine. The supply voltage of nominally 12V can reach 30V when the farmer puts his welly down. There is no esigning earth connection (thanks to four enormous tyres) and everything gets covered in cow sh-you can guess what!

Top Hex designed a customised PCB solution based on their Fusion concept. The controller has an inbuilt text display, and connects to a series of function keys on a membrane keypad. With some ingenious software, the operator can seamlessly switch between automatic and manual modes to deal with misshapen bales.

After extensive field and meadow trials, John Walton made the following comment, "The Top Hex controller has proved to be rugged and reliable. Their engineers have put a great deal of effort into developing the software and I am very pleased with the end result".


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