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Exercise for Couch Potatoes

Feeling unfit? Maybe a bit over-indulgence has left you wanting to shed a few points? Don't worry! Get out your gaming console and spend some time playing Halo, Mortal Combat or whatever game you like. Wait a minute, how can that help you get fit?

When entrepreneur Richard Coshott approached Top Hex, we thought his concept was just a little bit zany. He had patented a device that interfaces exercise equipment with a gaming console. But like all good ideas, the concept is unbelievably simple - when you stop exercising, your game pauses. Keep moving to keep playing your game.

Richard was looking to Top Hex to turn his ideas into a production design. Several iterations later and Gamercize has launched the "GZ Pro-Sport" electronic motivators, compatible with Xbox, Playstation and even your PC.

The amazing thing about Gamercize is that the time spent exercising passes very quickly. A twenty minute session is easy while you are zapping aliens. Independent research carried out on Gamercize agrees; a 30 minute session can burn off 500 calories, that's a couple of Mars bars in old money.

Richard is justifiable very proud of his invention, and delighted with the controllers that Top Hex has supplied. "Top Hex have shown dedication and enthusiasm at all stages of this project", says Richard. "They have worked hard to meet tight delivery schedules and produced a product that exceeds my expectations."

For more information about Gamersize, visit their website


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