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How do you know if your product is EMC compliant?

Unlike some of the other CE standards, the only way to be sure your product is EMC compliant is to carry out a series of tests. You will need to hire the services of a specialist EMC test house who will advise you which tests are relevant to your product. The tests are carried out on the complete system or machine, not on individual components.

It is a common miscomprehension that if all the components of your machine are CE marked (and therefore have already been EMC tested), your finished product is compliant. Unfortunately, this may not be the case. The only way you will know is by carrying out EMC tests on the complete system.

During the tests, your product is subjected to various conditions to see if its operation is affected.

Conducted and Radiated Immunity

Radio waves are injected (conducted) into your product and transmitted through the air (radiated).

Magnetic Immunity

A magnetic field similar to that generated by a power line is applied.

Electrostatic Discharge (EDS)

Your product is zapped with static electricity.

Voltage Dips and Interruptions (VDI)

The effect of the mains supply dropping out is investigated.


Your product is subject to a simulated lightning strike through the mains supply.


Sensitive equipment is used to determine whether your product is radiating (through the air) or conducting (through cables) radio frequency interference to the outside world.

On the successful completion of all applicable tests a Certificate Test Report is compiled, documenting the results as the evidence of compliance. The EMC test report would also include the ‘Declaration Of Conformity’ (DOC) which is signed by the manufacturer and constitutes (in conjunction with the report) the legal document of compliance. Policing authorities in the EU can request this documentation at customs in the case of imports, or as part of their policing activities.


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