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An EMC Case Study

Top Hex was approached by a client who was unable to get their industrial machinery through the EMC tests. Despite spending a large amount of money, their controller would operate erratically during the tests.

We identified very quickly that the design of their existing controller was the problem. Attempting to correct these design flaws by fitting expensive, external components was ineffective. Top Hex has designed a brand new controller taking care to ensure that adequate filtering was fitted to the circuit board and also that the layout and tracking was optimised to reduce the possibility of any EMC issues. The controller was taken to TS for testing and passed with flying colours, with only one inductor value needing to be changed.

George Vassila of ETS had the following comment to make, “When a product fails EMC, the remedial measures taken by the manufacturer can be time consuming and extremely expensive. Manufacturers can avoid such undesirable situations by ensuring that EMC compliance is considered at the design and development stage. Applying suppression, filtering and screening to contain problems at source is by far the most cost-effective way of dealing with the EMC problems.”

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