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Calibration for Medical Applications

The Star Medical Sealer has been designed specifically for applications where the quality of the seal is critical. The medical and pharmaceutical industries increasingly demand not only validation, but also calibration of the machines.

Mark Robinson, Director of Star Universal puts this into context, “If I were on an operating table and the surgeon ripped open a Tyvek pouch containing some forceps, I would expect the product had been packaged in a sterile environment and that the seal was completely airtight. I would hope that a Star Medical Sealer had been used.”

The controller Top Hex designed for this machine was a technical challenge. The software allows recipes to be set up so that the operator can select the appropriate seal parameters using the name of the bag. The controller has to manage the machine sequences, accurately control two independent temperature channels and log the machines operating data – while allowing the machine to cycle as quickly as possible.

The provision for temperature calibration was an important requirement and Mark Robinson was pleased with the implementation. “The software contains a ‘Calibration Wizard’ which helps you to work through the process, step by step. Top Hex has implemented a complicated procedure in a very straightforward manner.”

Star Universal manufacture a range of bag and sack sealers from hand-held manual sealers, to fully automatic machines. Visit their website for more information.


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