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Welcome to the website of Top Hex

Top Hex provides custom-designed electronic controllers to clients across a wide range of industries. We pride ourselves in the close relationship we have with our clients, understanding their requirements and working together to produce the best possible control solution to perfectly meet their needs.

We offer a complete solution from design to prototyping, and from commissioning to production. Our in-house design and manufacturing capability allows us to turn control problems into finished products within weeks rather than months. Whether you have a requirement for tens, hundreds or thousands of units, contact
us now and we will work with you to develop your concept.
Simon UK manufactured electronic controller offers a cost saving!
C D Tester  Cathodic Disbondment Testing
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    Read the latest in our blog, Simon Says.   Find out all about our Cathodic Disbondment Tester at   Visit the TheatreCom website for the latest news.  

You can contact us via this website, by email or on the phone (01480 456200) to discuss an application which could benefit from a Top Hex electronic controller.
Our team will always be happy to help you.